About us

We provide innovative solutions in plant fertilization
and crop protection products.



It all started nearly 25 years ago at Wierzbowa Street in Błonie in Poland while working for a company named KAZGOD. It was when an entrepreneur, Kazimierz Kuźmiński launched the production line designated for liquid fertilizers WUXAL under the license of the well-known German company AGLUKON® GmbH which was the most modern facility at that time. The know-how obtained from German partners enabled collecting valuable experience. Later this experience allowed us to develop and improve our own recipes. Kazimierz Kuźmiński proved that  Polish products can be equally innovative and competitive and, what is the most significant, effective from the perspective of farmers from Poland and Western Europe.

Bearing in mind these traditions we established the company NOVAGRA® together with a group of specialists. In merely two years this company became the leader as regards the production and sale of biotechnology-based foliar fertilizers as well as products for plant protection. We are not afraid to expand and we do it without any complexes both on the domestic and European market. Our products represent high quality and care for the natural environment. ECO technology and BIO pesticides are the future.


Now we would like to introduce the customers to a completely new brand called VITASTAR®  – a synthesis of knowledge and experience, the latest technology supervised by PROFERT Technology GmbH from Dusseldorf.

We aim at revolutionizing the market for products used in modern agriculture again due to effective cooperation with our German partner. VITASTAR® consists of a wide range of foliar fertilizers representing the highest European standard. The micronutrients included in these products are 100% chelated with EDTA acid and do not precipitate in water solution or working liquid. VITASTAR® brand provides universal, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, sulphur, suspension micro-and macro-element fertilizers as well as bio-stimulants. Moreover, we developed organic and mineral fertilizers with the addition of amino acids, plant hormones, vitamins and special CARPARMID® colloidal protein to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers. Using VITASTAR® fertilizers applying advanced CARPARMID® technology, will allow you to increase the resistance of your crops as regards diseases and physiological stress.

Zgodnie z decyzją Urzędu Patentowego Rzeczypospolitej  Polskiej z dnia 5 marca 2019 r. znak towarowy VitaStar jest prawnie chroniony w Polsce na całym terenie EU.

Urząd Patentowy RP udzielił prawa ochronnego dla VitaStar w klasie:

  • produktów chemicznych stosowanych w rolnictwie;
  • leczniczych pasz dla zwierząt, preparatów witaminowych i mineralnych stosowanych do pasz, leczniczych premiksów i uzupełniających lecznicze mieszanki paszowe, pozostałych dodatków i komponentów paszowych stosowanych do celów leczniczych i profilaktycznych;
  • pasz dla zwierząt, środków żywienia zwierząt, w szczególności: surowce paszowe, dodatki paszowe, premiksy, mieszanki paszowe uzupełniające oraz pasze pełnoporcjowe.

Decyzja UP RP dla VitaStar